“MAKE YA’ SHOW” originally functioned as a fashion brand, whose main approach is minimalism and mix of northern and eastern design techniques. As a fashion brand, “MAKE YA’ SHOW” has participated in fashion shows and was selling its production in the central stores in St.Petersburg.

Currently “MAKE YA’ SHOW” is an experimental platform for designer Snezhana Paderina. Main values are promotion of high technologies in the field of fashion and exploring new ways to design.

Snezhana Paderina

Fashion designer, lecturer and teacher. Involved in the process of improvement of the fashion design in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Uses innovative techniques, takes inspiration from literature, modern architecture, art and Japanese culture.One of the main goal is a promotion of high technology in the fashion industry. A person with a modern and innovative thinking, open-minded.

Snezhana Paderina, Co-Founder of GRâCE art school

GRâCE art school – School of Contemporary Arts. There are two main field of study in our school : fashion design and digital illustration (digital art). The courses are designed for beginners and focused on the practice.

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